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Irish Voice Over
Liam Quigley

+353 1 6019100

Showreel - Radio Commercials 2021

Irish Voice Over

Liam Quigley is a Professional Irish Voice over.
Based at his own studio in Dublin
Available Mon to Fri 9-5.

Welcome to my Website.
I've been a voiceover now for well...too long to remember comfortably :).
Over the years I've learned alot. Coming from a Radio Presentation and Production background made it easy and all the more interesting.
I will use all my experience and ability to give you the best quality recording possible inline with your expectations and needs.
Vocal clarity, flexibility, range and quality are essential in all voice recordings to deliver the creator's idea.
I've had a passion for voice acting all my life.
I love a good script and plenty direction.
I deliver Broadcast quality professional audio from my personal studio built to the highest audio standards. You have the choice of LIVE directed sessions by Source Connect, equivalent software or wav as a download.
Do get in touch for a no obligation quote or chat.


Get in Touch

  • Liam is a FULL-TIME voiceover meaning he's available when you are working

  • You can listen in on, and contribute to/direct a recording session via Skype or Similar Software. Please add the Skype name "liamquigley" (without the quotation marks) to your contacts list.

  • For most "Record and Send" recordings, delivery is usually same day when your order/script arrives before 3pm

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Quality Promise

All Recordings in broadcast quality.
Wav file or Source Connect.
Studio built to Professional Specification
Audio expertise and excellence.
A precise and professional approach.
Working with professional audio since 1981.


Mics: Neumann,Sennheiser.
Pre-Amps: Avalon
Audio: Avid, Focusrite
Editing: Avid Pro Tools 2021
Computers: Mac & PC (core i9 Quad core)
Studio : Control suite and isolated booth


  • Corporate Narrative Video VOs

  • On Hold / IVR / Telephone Voice overs

  • Radio / TV

  • Film / Live events

  • Radio Commercial Production

  • Website and Social media Video VOs