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Here are some examples of Liam's radio commercial voiceovers.

Commercial Production

As well as being a voice over Liam has many years experience as an audio producer and offers a full radio commercial production service. Everything from concept, hiring other voiceovers, selecting music, recording and production through to delivery to radio stations with a generous discount where you use Liam Quigley exclusively for production and voiceover. When it comes to airing your commercial every radio station will naturally highlight their strong point in the latest listnership survey and chances are it won't always match your target market. It may not even be the right media outlet to serve your needs or match the demographic of your target customer. For a good radio commercial to be effective and create sales it MUST be placed on the right radio stations. Liam will recommend a fully independent media advisor, planner and buyer who can purpose build a campaign and help you get the best advertising rates, packages, audience and value for money or even just advise the best route to take in what is a highly competitive area.

Santa Voiceovers

Every year a large man in a red suit squeezes down your chimney and leaves toys for your kids. Hard to believe I know but ask your kids and they will verify it.
Each year and so the need arrives for voiceovers in the style of the big man commonly reffered to as Santa, Santa Clause, Father Christmas, Santy (if you live in rural Ireland), Little Saint Nick etc etc.
Well.. because I am "well in" with the local elf communtiy I managed to get permission to mimic the big man's voice without it causing any offence in Polar regions
Get in touch for mo(..ho..ho)re details. (Oh and one more thing...Liam does Santa voiceovers without any pitch changing or any other electronic wizardry).

Northern Irish Voicoevers

Liam grew up in Munster in the mid south on the green fields of Tipperary (South Riding) part of the Golden Vale which is home to Europe's richest dairy pastures.. (cue cow moo please).
It's not quite as far south as the musical accents of Cork and Kerry on the rugged south coast but close enough.,
However... Liam's musical ear has given him a handle on the accents of Northern Ireland which comes in handy when he's asked to try a Northern Ireland voiceover.
Add to that many years on the radio all over Ireland and the UK and healthy social connections to Northern Ireland and Ulster over the years and Liam feels his Northern Ireland accent is close enough for comfort.
Well it's certainly kept a few clients happy over the years when a native wasn't available.
Liam says "As a Native, Irish Accents always amaze me...In certain areas you can go 10 miles down the road and the accent is totally different. Each city, county, town and sometimes neighbourhood brings a new and interesting angle and character to the spoken English.
For example why is the guttural R so prevalent in South Tipperary and not in other areas? Could it have something to do with the influx of French and Normans hundreds of years ago?.
Every county and region has a unique history which has shaped the way English is spoken today . Why do Cork people use the old English "ye" for the plural of You whereas many Dubliners use "Yous", Interesting eh!.
I am forever listening, learning and fine tuning my Irish accents. " .

St Patricks Day VOs

It happens once a year. The St Patrick's day voice over rush. Mid January the phone starts ringing and the email starts buzzing. "Liam can you do a Leprechaun voice over" " Liam we need an Irish VO for an Irish pub in Sydney pronto" "Liam will you be Grand Marshall in the New York Parade" Asha Begorrah..Its desperate being popular Bottom line..Yes I do a good Leprechaun voice, traditional Irish type reads or modern hyped up power reads for the "in your face party style" production. Yes I can ham it up for the one day in the year we folks from the Green Isle celebrate worldwide. Just show me your crock of gold and your wish will be granted. Now away with ye and listen to the demos... Get in touch for a no obligation quote.


Halloween is always a fun time of year for a voice over artist. The scripts become very creative and test the range and ability of the voice. Halloween voiceovers can really be fun and stretch the imagination of everyone involved from the original creator through to the end listener. ​ So whether is Dracula, Goblins, Ghouls, Monsters or just a big scary voice.. Liam is ready to try it.

Radio Imaging

After many years of being the voice of stations across Ireland Liam is now once again offering Imaging packages