Those in Recording studios and Radio Production will be well aware of how an IP connection works.

If you have no experience in the Broadcast or audio production industry it’s a full quality stereo audio connection over the Internet via software or a browser linking two studios together in real time.

This studio to studio connection is like a normal in-situ session in real time only in full studio quality over internet IP.

IP connections enable you to be connected to a studio at the other side of the planet and it can sound as if the producer or voiceover is right there in the room. IP connections are created by using Software in each studio or commonly now over the Chrome Browser.

One studio simply requests a connection while the other end accepts.This of course is of great benefit to clients who wish to direct a recording session while the voice talent may be in another city or country.

The voiceover can then be recorded at the remote end in full quality as if he or she were there in person. Liam Quigley has installed the latest IP technology making this service available to all clients.

For those without IP technology the same service can be provided over Skype

​In this situation Liam will record the session at his end in full quality and then send it on afterwards by email or web download.

Don’t worry about file size or delivery, We have 50Mbps upload speed so even the biggest files are delivered rapidly.