Radio Commercial Production

As well as being a voice over Liam has many years experience as an audio producer and offers a full radio commercial production service.

Everything from concept, hiring other voiceovers, selecting music, recording and production through to delivery to radio stations with a generous discount where you use Liam Quigley exclusively for production and voiceover.

When it comes to airing your commercial every radio station will naturally highlight their strong point in the latest listnership survey and chances are it won’t always match your target market. It may not even be the right media outlet to serve your needs or match the demographic of your target customer. For a good radio commercial to be effective and create sales it MUST be placed on the right radio stations.

Liam will recommend a fully independent media advisor, planner and buyer who can purpose build a campaign and help you get the best advertising rates, packages, audience and value for money or even just advise the best route to take in what is a highly competitive area.