Northern Irish Voice Overs

Liam grew up in Munster in the mid south on the green fields of Tipperary (South Riding) part of the Golden Vale which is home to Europe’s richest dairy pastures.. (cue cow moo please).
It’s not quite as far south as the musical accents of Cork and Kerry on the rugged south coast but close enough.
However… Liam’s musical ear has given him a handle on the accents of Northern Ireland which comes in handy when he’s asked to try a Northern Ireland voiceover.
Add to that many years on the radio all over Ireland and the UK and healthy social connections to Northern Ireland and Ulster over the years and Liam feels his Northern Ireland accent is close enough for comfort.
Well it’s certainly kept a few clients happy over the years when a native wasn’t available.
Liam says “As a Native, Irish Accents always amaze me…In certain areas you can go 10 miles down the road and the accent is totally different. Each city, county, town and sometimes neighbourhood brings a new and interesting angle and character to the spoken English.
For example why is the guttural R so prevalent in South Tipperary and not in other areas? Could it have something to do with the influx of French and Normans hundreds of years ago?.
Every county and region has a unique history which has shaped the way English is spoken today . Why do Cork people use the old English “ye” for the plural of You whereas many Dubliners use “Yous”, Interesting eh!.
I am forever listening, learning and fine tuning my Irish accents. ” .

To get Started..

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