Santa Voice overs

Every year a large man in a red suit squeezes down your chimney and leaves toys for your kids.
Hard to believe I know but ask your kids and they will verify it.
Naturally commercial organisations would like to cash in on this habit around December each year and so the need arrives for voiceovers in the style of the big man in the red suit with the white beard commonly reffered to as Santa, Santa Clause, Father Christmas, Santy (if you live in rural Ireland), Little Saint Nick etc etc.
Well.. because I am “well in” with the local elf communtiy I managed to get permission to mimic the big man’s voice without it causing any offence in Polar regions or more importantly any negative ranking for the younger members of my family on the nice/naughty list.
Get in touch for mo(..ho..ho)re details.
(Oh and one more thing…Liam does Santa voiceovers without any pitch changing or any other electronic wizardry).