Every voiceover’s nightmare

Flu and Sore throat, thankfully not affecting the voice too much but boy is it affecting the brain..just did the classic walk out of the studio with the headphones still on..Ouch! Doh!

Voiceovers for Irish Business Videos

This week is Irish Business Video week. This is such a strong sector now. Every business understands the need for video content on social media like promotionals and product explainers. Get in touch for more details.

Site update

I hope you find the new server much faster and responsive..like the voice over service 🙂

We have spent a lot of time on the back end making improvements over the holiday period.

Have a great 2019 all


Video Voice overs

For the UAE Market I voice in British RP. Here’s a recent voiceover for ARN’s Audience Presentation


Busy voice over season..

It’s been a busy summer in voiceoverland. September is always busy so be sure to check availability well in advance.